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St. John’s festivities are the perfect combination of tradition, fun and excitement. Each year, people fond of nature, hikers and pickers of medicinal plants are visiting the beautiful mountain landscapes of Sokobanja and learning about herbs, with help of the proffesional guides, from the 3rd to the 7th of July.

If you have not climbed yet to the top of famous mountain Rtanj, come to Sokobanja on July 7th and be a part of an exciting adventure. Learn all about knitting flower wreaths, find the famous herbal aphrodisiac on slopes of mountain Rtanj, and dive into the secret veils that surround this mystical mountain. Wake up the adventurous spirit in you, and enjoy in the unique event in Serbia.

Certainly the most challenging and for adventurers most interesting part of the event is the ascent to Šiljak, the highest peak of mountain Rtanj (1560 m). For those who are not mountaineering enthusiasts, other interesting activities are organized, such as picking medicinal herbs, knitting wreaths and participation in the quiz about medicinal herbs or sports competitions. 

Rtanj is known for endemic plants which grow only on this mountain and are protected by law, and the most famous of them is certainly Rtanj tea and catnip (Nepeta rtanjensis). During the manifestation “St. John’s festivities”, paarticipants, accompanied by expert guides, collect medicinal herbs on the slopes of mountains Ozren, Rtanj, Devica and Bukovik.

The crown of the event is the selection of the most beautiful girl decorated with medicinal herbs and field flowers – “Princess Biljarica”, which is traditionally held on July 7th at 8 pm, at summer stage „Vrelo“ or in the center of Sokobanja, in front of the Museum.


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