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The most exciting SPA destination in Serbia

What sets Sokobanja apart from other tourist places is its magnificent and unrepeatable nature – numerous mountains, dense forests, rivers, lakes, caves, air rich in oxygen and negative ions – it proudly bears the title of “Green Heart of Serbia”. Rejuvenate your body and strengthen your spirit with the beneficial effects of thermo-mineral waters and air rich in oxygen and negative ions.


Conquer Šiljak, the top of Rtanj mountain, explore the secrets of the Sesalac cave, enjoy the charm of the marble promenade in the evening…  And for the nightlife enthusiasts, Sokobanja offers a large number of cafes and night bars with a variety of entertainment facilities.


Sokobanja is an ideal place for adventurers and explorers, who want to discover the secrets of hidden landscapes in untouched nature.


Recommended outdoor activities

Mountain climbing

Ozren, Devica or Bukovik which are ideal for easy ascents, while the challenging Rtanj awaits those in slightly better shape.


From the walking path in the centre to the numerous picnic areas, Sokobanja seems to be made for long walks in the nature!

Water activities

Adrenaline diving into the Moravica, relaxed kayaking on Lake Bovan or all-day fun in the aqua park – you choose