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Basic Info

The location of Sokobanja is at 43º and 63 ‘n. g. w. and 21º and 87 ’e. g. l., in the central part of southeastern Serbia. Its average elevation is 400 m. Sokobanja is nested in the valley of the same name, and it is surrounded by a range of fairly high mountains: mountain Ozren (1174 m) in the south, mountain Rtanj (1560 m) in the north, mountain Devica (1116 m) in the southeast, mountain Slemen (1099 m) and mountain Krstatac (1069 m) in the east and finally, mountain Bukovik (894 m) and mountain Rozanj (897 m) in the west.


The Moravica River flows through Sokobanja. It forms the Bovan gorge in the west of the valley. Sokobanja is located 30 km from the E-75 motorway and from the main train line.


Sokobanja is 230 km far from Belgrade and the airport ‘Nikola Tesla’ as well, and 60 km from Nis and the airport ‘Car Konstantin’. The bridge from Sokobanja to the Timok region leads by the regional roads, via the towns of Boljevac and Knjazevac. The municipality of Sokobanja comprises an area of ​​525 km2 and has about 17,000 inhabitants. About 8,500 people live in the town of Sokobanja.


Sokobanja is notable to many for its thermal springs, clean air, outstanding cuisine and sounds of the accordion, along with its striking landscapes, the longest tourist tradition in Serbia and amicable inhabitants. What singularizes Sokobanja compared to other tourist places is its lavish and exceptional nature – diverse mountains, dense forests, rivers, lakes, caves, unpolluted air rich in oxygen and negative ions. It is fair to say that Sokobanja accurately carries the title of the ‘Green Heart of Serbia’.


Sokobanja is the perfect place for adventurers and explorers alike, who want to uncover the secrets of hidden landscapes in intact nature. Some of the things that visitors should not miss are: the obscure landscapes of mountain Rtanj, the pit with icy ornaments, the hidden trails of both caves (of mountain Sesalac and mountain Ozren), the God’s Gate and the flawless areas of mountain Devica.


Sokobanja provides excellent conditions for active holiday and taking part in diverse activities, which positively affect the improvement of both physical and mental condition, and a general condition of the body. These can be: extreme sports, walks in stunning nature, stopping over at one of the multiple designated picnic areas, swimming in spas, enjoying the water park, bathing in the Moravica River and lake Bovan, taking part in sporting and exercise-related events and other activities, which all depend on the desires and preferences of visitors.

Important phone numbers in Sokobanja

Health care institutions

Specialized hospital „Sokobanja“Vojvode Mišića 48833-144, 830-124
Special hospital for lung and eye diseases "Ozren"Naselje Ozren bb830-432
Health cenerMitropolita Mihajla 23830-542
Specialized hospital „Banjica“Milutina Pejovića 40830-204, 830-244


NameAddressPhone (018)
„Adonis I“Mitropolita Mihajla 27A833-881
„Adonis II“Svetog Save 5833-881
„Aleksić“Nemanjina 3833-966, 830-892
Health center pharmacySvetog Save 3830-166
Medic pharmMitropolita Mihajla 26063 84 24 322

Public services

NameAddressPhone (018)
PoliceSvetog Save bb192
Fire departmentSvetog Save bb193
AmbulanceDositejeva 23194
Bus stationNaselje Čair bb830-946
Post officeAlekse Markišića bb830-151
Tourism info centerTrg oslobođenja bb833-988
Sport centre "Podina"Ratarska bb833-978
Sokobanja municipalitySvetog Save 23830-155
Municipal CourtSvetog Save 22830-210
Inspection servicesSvetog Save 23830-173
Republic inspectionSvetog Save 23830-704
Republic Administration of Public RevenuesSvetog Save bb830-343
Communal entity NapredakHajduk Veljkova 22830-670
Power SupplyKneza Miloša bb830-561
Library „Stevan Sremac“Alekse Markišića 1830-251
Radio SokobanjaAlekse Markišića 6830-206
TV SokoAlekse Markišića 6830-814
Veterinary stationSvetozara Markovića bb830-363
Public company "Zelenilo"Vojislava Ilića 2833-068


NameAddressPhone (018)
Hotel „Sunce“Kneza Miloša bb41 51 900
Hotel „Zdravljak“M.Živanovića bb830-722, 830-742
Hotel „Turist“Svetog Save bb830-510
Hotel „Moravica“Timočke bune 4830-622, 830-602
Nataly spaVojvode Mišića 22 a830 240
Hotel „Soko terme“ (breakfast only)Kneza Miloša bb884-856

Travel agencies

„Sokoinfo“Karađorđeva bb833-232
„DM“Svetog Save bb830-550
„Neca-prom“Svetog Save 19884 111
„Mogi-turs“Omladinska 1830-247
„Palma“27. marta 30837-096
„Sokograd-turs“Alekse Markišića 37880-228
„Soko-turs“Čair bb880-100
„Balnea turs“Vojvode Mišića 39062/84 26 503

Taxi service

NamePhone (018)
Taxi Blizanci0062/303 133
„Cool taxi“069/636 215
Taxi "Cvetković"062/879 29 58
Taxi "Maxi"062/765 580
„Fića“063/426 506
„Daki“063/455 076


„Komercijalna“A.Markišića 15830-468
„OTP“A.Markišića 9830-064, 830-264
„P. Štedionica“Branka Djurića 8830-674


„Komercijalna“A. Markišića 15
„OTP“Svetog Save 17/A
„Aplha“Svetog Save bb
„AIK“Alekse Markišića 2,
Svetog Save 19
„Credit Agricole“Svetog Save 30
„Uni kredit“Alekse Markšića bb

Gas stations

NameAddressPhone (018)
„Soko-M“Alekse Markišića bb838-363
„NIS“Alekse Markišića bb830-910
„Gas oil“Knjaževački put bb834-130
„Knez petrol“Resnički put bb064/8056 872

Car services

„Pavićević “23. divizije 4062/81 46 573
„GM“Alekse Markišića 1069/ 884 813
„Stojanović“Alekse Markišića 131063/85 37 323
„MB komerc“Alekse Markišića 155/B018 /833-023
„Milanović“Alekse Markišića 155063/78 52 931

Insurance companies

NameAddressPhone (018)
„Dunav“ AD Beograd27. marta 23830-477

Real estate agents

NameAddressPhone (018)
„Neca-prom“Svetog Save 19884-111
„Soko info“Karađorđeva bb833-232
„Nekretnine Danilović“Svetog Save 46063/469 012
„Mobi“Dragovićeva 4063/ 15 90 800

Exchange offices

NameAdsressPhone (018)
„Kruna“Trg oslobođenja bb830-517
„DM“Svetog Save bb830-550
„Uzor“Alekse Markišića 2830-300, 063/403 246
„Danilović“Svetog Save 46063/469 012
„13“27. marta bb833-963
„Neca-prom“Svetog Save 19834-071, 063/83 18 144
„Kruna 2“Alekse Markišića 83884-222

Car washes

NameAddressPhone (018)
„Ristić“Miladina Živanovića 8063/81 31 197
„MB komerc“Alekse Markišića 174833-023
„GM“Alekse Markišića 169884-813
„Fusa“Alekse Markišića 167830-983

Photography services

NameAddressPhone (018)
„Gold“Trg Oslobođenja bb063/84 79 963
„Duki“Svetog Save 55063/73 39 906

Beauty salons

NameAdsressPhone (018)
„Elle“Alekse Markišića 12833-251 063/83 23 275
„Grazia“Nemanjina 3830-385, 064/32 16 215


NameAddressPhone (018)
„Joka“Alekse Markišića 91062/394 304
„Emma“Karađorđeva bb, Tržni centar062/892 48 82
„Đole“Nemanjina bb065/833 84 22
„Beautique Studio“Svetog Save bb062/855 68 04
„Milenijum“Alekse Markišića 46063/83 23 233
„Ađa“27. mart 8064/31 22 211
„Boki brica“Sportska 13063/767 08 61
„Batke Goce i Srle“27. marta 11063/820 18 33

Prices in Sokobanja

Price list for HOTEL ACCOMMODATION Sokobanja 2020


01.01. - - - - 31.12.
Apartment 1/26.400,007.000,009.000,006.400,00
Room 1/13.200,003.500,004.500,003.200,00
Room 1/22.700,003.000,004.000,002.700,00
Room 1/32.300,002.500,003.500,002.300,00
Prices are based on full board. Half board - the price is reduced by 200.00 dinars per person per day. Children up to 7 years old have a free stay. Children from 7 to 12 years pay 60% of the price of services. Children from 12 to 15 years pay 50% of the local tax. Tourist tax - 70.00 dinars per person per day. Phone: +3818 830 602, +38118 830-622









Full board with SPA treatment








Prices are given on a full board basis. Half board - the price is reduced by 300 dinars per day. Local tax and insurance are not included in the price and amount to 90.00 dinars for adults and 45.00 dinars for children aged 7-15. Children from 7 to 15 years pay 60% of the price of services. Complete treatment - the price increases by 600 dinars per day. Single room - the price is increased by 50%. Half board - the price is reduced by 300 dinars per person per day. Contact phone: +38118 830 204, +38118 830 224


New institute

Vila “Bota”


Apartment 1/1




Apartment 1/2




Room 1/1




Room 1/2




Room 1/3




Room 1/4






One-day wellness program in 1/2 room


Weekend wellness program in 1/2 room


Bathing in Amam and peloido-therapy


Bathing in Amam and back massage


Jacuzzi tub




Pearl bath


Anti-cellulite treatment


Phone: 018/830-124, 830-144

HOTEL (breakfast only) ‘SOKO TERME’, Sokobanja

TIME/TYPE OF ROOMSuperior roomDeluxe room with fireplace"Kupidon"Deluxe room „Aqua“

B&B per person




B&B per person on weekends




The additional fee for 1/1 room is RSD 500,00 on weekdays. On weekends, the price for a superior room is RSD 8,000 for a deluxe room RSD 12,000. Price includes:
  • Bed and breakfast service
  • Access and unlimited use of wellness facilities

Swimming pool and wellness center prices for guests not staying in the hotel


Adults and children over 7 years

Children from 1 to 7 years










Phone: +38118 884 855, +38118 884 856


January 1 - December 31

1-2 nights

3 nights or more

Standard, Comfort and Konak apartments



Panorama apartment



Children 5-12 years old



The price for one person 1/1




Room type

January 1 - December 31

Economy room


Superior economy room / Classic room


Standard room


Superior room


Junior family room


Senior family room


SPA studio room / Studio family room / Comfort gallery room


SPA Comfort studio room


Classic apartment


Superior apartment


Local tax - 70.00 RSD per person per night. Children up to 7 years do not pay the local tax, and for children from 7 to 15 years the local tax is 35.00 RSD. Supplement for additional person is RSD 1,900.00. Children up to 7 years of age accompanied by their parents do not pay for the stay in the accommodation unit, for children from 7 to 15 years of age the supplement is 950.00 RSD.

Prices during the year are subject to oscillations, depending on the number of persons, types of services and days during the week in which the service is used. Very affordable promo packages are always up to date. Contact phone: +38118 415 19 00


Prices for overnight stays in private houses and villas


I category

II category

III category






Prices for overnight stays in private accommodation may vary depending on the location and quality of services. Meals in restaurants: breakfast, lunch, dinner 1,000 - 1,150 dinars.

Holiday houses and apartments (Apartments)

Bed number

Vrsta usluge

Price per APP per Day







4 (studio)



4 (duplex)






  • Children up to the age of 3 do not pay for accommodation
  • In the case of larger exchange rate fluctuations and changes in economic conditions, service providers leave the possibility of price correction.
Tourist information center +381 18 833 988 e-mail:

How to get to Sokobanja

kako doći do Sokobanje

Sokobanja is connected with roads and railways via Aleksinac, and these roads and railways pass from Belgrade through the valleys of the rivers Great Morava and the South Morava towards Nis. Sokobanjais connected with the Timok region via regional roads through the towns of Knjazevac and Boljevac. The Airport ‘Constantine the Great’ in Nis is 58 km away from Sokobanja. The easiest way to reach Sokobanja from Belgrade is on the E75 Belgrade-Nis highway, from where you take the exit at the mines of Aleksinac for Aleksinac. From there, you travel another 30 km to Sokobanja.


Sokobanja is 235 km from Belgrade, 321 km from Novi Sad, 30 km from Aleksinac, 60 km from Nis, 27 km from Boljevac, 40 km from Knjazevac, 66 km from Zajecar, 59 km from Krusevac, 118 km from Kraljevo and 149 km from Kragujevac.


Health care institutions

The specialized hospital for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of non-specific lung diseases ‘Sokobanja’


This specialized hospital has 560 beds in 4 objects: the Old Institute ‘Sokograd’, the New Institute and villas ‘Bota’ and ‘Dalmatia’. It also has modern computer technology for examining lung and heart function, an automatic biochemical laboratory, an X-ray room, a clinic with the departments for prevention, semi-intensive and intensive care, and a part for respiratory and general locomotor rehabilitation.


Wellness and fitness programs, weight regulation programs and schools for quitting smoking are successfully implemented to improve the general wellness of the body. The hospital also has a Turkish bath ‘Amam’ with a natural inhaler, as well as a bath ‘Banjica’.


The specialized hospital for eyes and obstructive lung diseases ‘Ozren’


It is the oldest health institution in Sokobanja. It specializes in the treatment of obstructive pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular and eye diseases. It is located on the mountain Ozren, at an average altitude of 800 m. The treatment in this hospital is based on complementing natural healing factors, modern methods in the field of balneo-climatology, and appropriate medications. It has 280 beds.


The specialized hospital ‘Banjica’


It is located on the edge of the park ‘Banjica’, above the town’s beach ‘Zupan’. Besides the accommodation capacity of 270 beds, it has a health service for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, locomotor system and minor diseases of the nervous system. The medical staff of this spa provides the services of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, inhalation and massages.


Josanica Spa


It is 16 km away from Sokobanja. Health tourism in this spa is based on the usage of healing waters and peloids. There are 5 thermo-mineral springs in the spa: sulfur water, iron I and II, stomach and red water. These waters belong to the group of oligomineral earth-alkaline hypotherms, with a temperature between 18 and 22°C.

Associations and organizations


Sokobanja Tourist Organization


The Tourist Organization of Sokobanja was founded with the aim of developing, improving and promoting the tourist offer of Sokobanja. The primary objectives of the Tourist Organization of Sokobanja are increasing tourist trade, creating the conditions for the further consolidation of the tourist offer, providing the conditions for a joint appearance at tourist exchanges, improving marketing and information activities, maintaining good relations with TOS, with the corresponding ministry and other tourism organizations in the country and abroad, creating an environment of the connections with the same interest matters in order to regionalize the tourist offer and creating the conditions for further development of domestic tourism while finding the opportunities for much faster and more significant positioning of Sokobanja as a tourist destination on the international market.


The Tourist Organization also includes the Tourist Information Center with the internet cafe and the multifunctional complex Summer Stage ‘Vrelo’. Contact phone: +381 18 833 988,


The Literary Club ‘Falcon’s Feather’


During the event of Spa Fun Summer, the literary club ‘Falcon’s Feather’, organizes numerous literary and poetic evenings in the amphitheatre in front of the museum. This association is active throughout the year, and out of season, it organizes literary evenings in the Gallery-Legacy of Milun Mitrovic and in the library ‘Stevan Sremac’. The association is the organizer of two events: the literary competition ‘Morning over Ozren’ and the Poetry Marathon. It gathers a great number of amateur writers and enthusiasts. It cooperates with similar associations, from the country and abroad. The members of the club are the honorary owners of numerous and valuable recognitions for their literary works, especially those inspired by the nature of Sokobanja. The poet Dobrica Eric was also a great friend and collaborator of the club ‘Falcon’s Feather’. Contact phone: 064/47 31 812.


The Amateur ‘SB’ theatre


The amateur ‘SB’ theatre was founded in 2006. The specially adapted scripts for famous Serbian dramas and works are being prepared by the theatre’s founder, professor Mirjana Milenkovic. The members of this theatre are amateur actors, but they act with the zeal of true professionals. It does not matter whether the entrance is free or the ticket is paid, there are never free seats where the performances of the ‘SB’ theatre are held, which speaks of the quality and dedication of its members. Contact phone: 064/218 62 10.




The ethnological workshop of Sokobanja was founded in 2002. The primary objectives of the Association are the preservation of the traditional and spiritual values ​​of the Sokobanja region. The ethnological workshop protects the things by which Sokobanja is recognizable. They use methods that have long been obliterated in creating objects with the method of traditional processing. The value of engaging the members of the workshop was recognized by domestic and foreign patrons, who helped in opening the educational centre, where locals and spa guests can master the traditional skills of making objects. Contact phone: 063/78 94 858.


The Association of artists ‘Vrelo’


The Association of Artists ‘Vrelo’ was founded in 2009. It brings together poets, writers, painters, musicians, singers, actors and other representatives of fine arts. The association had its first public performance, on July 2, 2009, in the atrium of the Homeland Museum in Sokobanja, as part of the ‘Spa Fun Summer’. This association organizes art exhibitions, literary evenings, plays and other cultural events and in that way, it enriches the cultural life and tourist offer of Sokobanja.


The Hunting Association ‘Falcon’


The Hunting Association ‘Falcon’, with its main office in Sokobanja, manages the hunting ground ‘Moravica’, with a total area of ​​36,437 ha, of which hunting areas cover 32,916 ha. The association has 191 active members. Roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant and partridge are permanently farmed game species in the hunting ground ‘Moravica’.


The hunting ground has the following hunting facilities: 4 stable checkpoints, 10 checkpoints on a tree, 50 feeding grounds for deer, 90 feeding grounds for pheasants and partridges and 110 salt marshes.


The professional service has a hunting ground manager – an expert and 2 hunting keepers, assisted by 14 volunteer hunting keepers.


Address of the Hunting Association ‘Falcon’:

18230 Sokobanja, ul. Nemanjina no. 8

phone number: +381 18 830 226


The Association of sport fishermen ‘Moravica’


The Association of Sport Fishermen ‘Moravica’ from Sokobanja belongs to ZOSR ‘South Morava II’ from Nis, from the fishing area ‘Serbia-East’. CSSS ‘Moravica’ manages Bovan Lake and waters in the Moravica River Basin on the territory of Sokobanja. The Association of Sport Fishermen ‘Moravica’ takes care of the condition of the fish stock in the river and lakes. For all information, please contact the association on phone +381 64 27 18 547 or by e-mail:


The MA ‘Ostra Cuka’


The mountaineering association ‘Ostra Cuka’ was founded in 2009 in Sokobanja and has over 100 active members. It is a member of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. The association organizes numerous mountaineering actions on the territory of Sokobanja, and cooperates with numerous mountaineering associations from all over Serbia. Besides mountaineering actions, it regularly organizes ecological actions. It also deals with marking hiking trails and implements landscaping and nature preservation projects. Contact phone is 064/92 02 909.


The Mountaineering Club ‘Ozren’


The MC ‘Ozren’ has been functioning for almost a decade. It is a member of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. It organizes numerous mountaineering actions on the territory of Sokobanja and cooperates with many mountaineering associations from all over Serbia. The most interesting event, which has become a tradition, is the mountaineering camp. It takes place every year in the village of Trubarevac, and is organized by the MC ‘Ozren’, with the support of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, the Russian Humanitarian Center and the local community. Contact: 064 8553361,


The Ecological Society of Sokobanja


The Ecological Society of Sokobanja is a local non-profit organization that actively works on completing the vision of Sokobanja as a municipality in which nature is used in a sustainable way, the residents are ecologically educated, settlements and nature are clean, and the village is prosperous.


The association was founded in March 2019, by 13 citizens of Sokobanja, sincere nature lovers, who are ready to invest time and energy in the improvement and protection of Sokobanja’s nature.


Within the ESS, there are 8 operational teams that have been carrying out activities in accordance with the plan since the first days of the society’s existence. The goals that SES wants to achieve with its activities and actions are: improving the environment; protection of the living world; educating residents, especially children and young people about the importance of environmental protection and living in harmony with nature; village preservation; support for healthy food production; conservation of agrodiversity, and others.




The CAA ‘ Falcon’


The cultural and artistic association ‘Falcon’ takes care of preserving the original creativity of the Sokobanja region. It has about a hundred members and several folklore ensembles. CAA Falcon proudly owns numerous domestic and international awards for the collection of traditional games from Serbia and from the Sokobanja region. They have performed in Ukraine, Greece, Turkey and other countries. CAA Falcon organizes the traditional folklore festival ‘Igra kolo pod Ozrenom’ each year in August and the festival ‘Sokobanja-Sokograd, igra star-igra mlad’ in May. Performances of CAA Falcon, for years now, give the essence to the entertainment program in the spa during the summer. Contact phone: 065/868 81 81.


The CAA ‘Youth’ Citluk


The association was founded in 2006, in the village of Citluk in Sokobanja, with the goal of nurturing folk traditions, customs, songs and games from the Sokobanja region. The CAA ‘Youth’ participates every year in folklore festivals across the country. The CAA ‘Youth’ organizes a folklore festival every year in July. They also perform every year in Sokobanja as part of the Spa Fun Summer.


The CAA ‘Dusan Jovic’ Resnik


The cultural and artistic association ‘Dusan Jovic’ was founded in 1946, with its main office in the village of Resnik. It is named after a young man who died at the age of 16 in the fight against the Germans, near the town of Boljevac, in 1944. Today, the society gathers about 70 members in three folklore sections: younger pioneers, pioneers and young people. CAA ‘Dusan Jovic’ performs every year at the Folklore Festival in August.


The CAA ‘Slemen’ Milusinac


The society was founded in the village of Milusinac in Sokobanja, with the purpose of cultivating folk traditions, customs, songs and games from the Sokobanja region. CAA ‘Slemen’ participates every year in folklore festivals across the country and organizes a folklore festival every year in August. They also perform every year in Sokobanja as part of the Spa Fun Summer.


The CAA ‘Sesalac’ Sesalac


This is one of the folklore groups that is intensively engaged in fostering the intangible cultural heritage of the Sokobanja region. It is about folklore that in its performances nurtures exclusively traditional music, songs using the costumes of the Sokobanja region. CAA ‘Sesalac’ achieved notable results at the music competition ‘Sljivik’, at the Radio Television of Serbia.