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The surroundings of Sokobanja are perfect for cycling, whether the cyclists are riding recreationally or professionally. There are 150 km of marked trails for all mountain biking enthusiasts.


Marked cycling paths:

  1. The circular trail on mountain Rtanj: Vrmdza – Gornja Mala – Pakles – Vasiljevac – Glavica – Vrmdza, the trail length is 15 km.
  2. The circular path on mountain Ozren: Kalinovica – Kosavsko – Peacock’s mud – Resnik’s meadows – St. Archangel – Jovan’s rock – Ozren Hospital – Kalinovica, the trail length is 15 km.
  3. The trail marked with GPS, which starts from Rujiste, a rural settlement at the lowest point of Rtanj, through mountains Rtanj, Ozren and Bukovik in the eastern part of the municipality, the total length of the trail is 120 km.

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