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Beneficial climatic factors, ideal altitude, clean air, intact nature, numerous mountains and a wealth of hydrographic resources present the perfect conditions for the development of sports and recreational tourism and elementary training of athletes. So, several sports facilities were built for these purposes.


Professional athletes and people who do sports for recreation have the sports infrastructure at their disposal: the football stadium ‘Bata Nole’, with a capacity of 1500 spectators, the complex of football fields ‘Podina’, the water park ‘Podina’, small pitch field, sports hall, 5 combined fields for the sports with the smaller number of participants and smaller fields, 6 indoor pools, 4 tennis courts, 5 gyms, shooting ranges, bowling alleys and more trim trails and trails of health, with the total length of 20 km.


The complex of sports fields ‘Podina’ is suitable for the preparation of athletes, organizing matches and sports events. It is 1.5 km from the city center, extends on an area of ​​4 ha and contains a total of 6 football fields. There is an object with locker rooms within the complex, showers and a modern gym, which is available to athletes, as well as to the local residents and tourists.

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