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Sokobanja is mentioned for the first time as a military fortification and settlement in the biography of despot Stefan Lazarević, written by Constantine the Philosopher. In addition to the spectacular Sokograd, which is the most famous archaeological site, the Sokobanja municipality abounds in sights and historical monuments, some of which look truly impressive.


On 8 June 1837 (old calendar) a referral was sent from the office of Prince Miloš in Kragujevac for Ensign Lazarević, who was sent to Banja to use its hot water. This referral (voucher) was used to set the start date of the development of health tourism in Sokobanja on 21 June (new calendar).

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Recommended activities

Visit museums

Discover the history of living in Sokobanja by visiting several interesting exhibition in and around Sokobanja.

Inspiration in holy places

In the Sokobanja area, there are several temples, churches and monasteries from various periods, some of which date back to the 11th century.

Fall in love with local folklore

Once the traditions, local customs and people of the Sokobanja area get under your skin, you will no longer be able to live without them!