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The summer stage ‘Vrelo’ is a multifunctional venue whose construction was completed in early 2020. The building contains the Grand Stage, which has both the physical and technical capabilities for organizing the events for a great number of spectators – concerts, music and stage events, festivals, plays and similar events. The capacity of the auditorium is 1,500 seats and 3,000 standing places.


A small stage was built next to the big stage. It is surrounded by a water ring, where fairly small events take place as a part of the Sokobanja Fun Summer program.


Between the two scenes, there are decorative lakes, the largest of which functions as a skating rink during the winter. The complex of the most modern open stages in Serbia is also arranged for the day trips of visitors with accompanying facilities (rest benches, green and flower areas, summer bar, toilets). The MFC ‘Vrelo’ contains one catering object and the Visitor Center of Natural Wonders of ​​Sokobanja.

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