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The land and surroundings of Sokobanja are the right place for all those who are in pursuit of sports challenges and accomplishments. The visitors who are looking for adventure and excitement can give a shot at extreme sports such as: scuba diving, mountain biking, free climbing, orientating cross-country, jump-diving, paragliding, sailing on lake Bovan, kayaking, descending to mountain Rtanj ice cave…


Competitions in extreme sports take place each year in Sokobanja, so that visitors who are not ready to try these sports can watch the professionals doing it.


The competitions in paragliding flights of national, European and world rank take place in Sokobanja. They are organized by the paragliding club ‘Grunf’ from Nis and the Sports Association of the Municipality of Sokobanja. The airstrip is going from mountain Ozren, with a captivating paragliding runway. Also, mountain car races periodically take place in Sokobanja as a part of the National Championship. They are also arranged by the Sports Car and Carting Association of Serbia and the Sports Association of the Municipality of Sokobanja. The race takes place on the Ozren road between Sokobanja and the village of Jezero.


Another interesting event is the extreme relay race ‘4 elements’, which takes place each year in Sokobanja, arranged by the Association of Extreme Sports of Serbia and the Serbian Skyrunning Association. Each team has five competitors who participate in 5 different sports: paragliding, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, running. The competition takes place on mountain Rtanj and lake Bovan.

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