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Date: 14th of  July

Marble promenade in Sokobanja


The tourist-cultural event “Golden Hands” has been held since 1983. and represents a competition in the preparation of old, forgotten dishes and the skills of old crafts.

The number of visitors of this event is always large, because it is held in summer season, and there is great interest from visitors, especially from large urban areas, to see and experience traditional customs and intangible cultural heritage, which are becoming a rarity in today’s modern world. Visitors have the opportunity to try some of the old Serbian forgotten dishes, or to buy authentic souvenirs made in the traditional way. Every year, over 100 participants from all over Serbia participate in this event, which attracts more than 5.000 visitors. The manifestation “Golden Hands”, in addition to its competitive character, has one much more important function, and that is the preservation of traditional heritage, culture and customs for future generations.

From the beginning of the event until today, the meals were prepared from healthy ingredients, without the addition of modern chemicals and in traditional dishes made of clay.

Over the years, in addition to the preparation of old dishes, other competitive disciplines have been added, which includes several categories: the best preserved and most original exhibit, use of ethno motifs on modern items, best embroidery, handwork done during the event, preservation of the tradition of old crafts.

In recent years, the event has attracted participants from all over Serbia and gained a national character, so that visitors, in addition to traditional dishes, handicrafts and folk costumes from the Sokobanja area, can see the traditions, customs and cultural heritage of some other parts of Serbia. Another confirmation of the quality of this event arrived in 2014 in the form of the Tourist Flower Award, the most significant recognition in the field of tourism awarded by the Tourism Organization of Serbia. 


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