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For a long time in Sokobanja, suitable activities and measures have been taken to sustain the ecological quality of the space, protect the natural beauties, healing and attractive properties of the spa and its surroundings.


Back in 1895, the Society for Improvement and Decoration of Sokobanja was founded, on the initiative of the Metropolitan of Serbia Mihailo, with the essential goal of creating the highest quality environment for the stay of spa visitors. The society commenced a great number of activities such as arranging parks and picnic areas, renovation of the Turkish bath, construction of the summer pavilions and roads to the picnic area, etc.


In 1992, the official proclamation declaring Sokobanja the first ecological municipality in Serbia was passed. Sokobanja, with a lively and sustained environment, without industrial pollution, various natural and protected values, ​​with tourist-recreational, health and educational function, has a great potential for the development of ecological tourism.


As far as this type of tourism is concerned, for many years, Sokobanja has been known as a perfect destination for organizing schools in nature. Ecological education and active recreation of young people in nature is the right way to raise their awareness of the importance of environmental protection and its sustainability for future generations.

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