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From the spring of Sopur on Ozren, there is a marked hiking trail, which leads to the peak Ostra Cuka (1075 m). A stunning view over the Sokobanja valley and mountain Rtanj extends from this point. The peak Ostra Cuka is one of the peaks on the mountain Devica (Virgin). The ascent is moderately challenging, and takes about an hour.


The peak Ostra Cuka is rocky and steeply cut off on all sides, except on the north side, and there is the only part where the ascent is possible, with a much milder slope. The peak itself is small, and resembles a ‘stone nest’. There is a view to the south all the way to Suva planina (Suva mountain), and it is possible to see the Nis airport from the peak. Mountains Beljanica and Veliki and Mali Malinik can be seen from the north. Also, it is possible to see mountains Veliki (Big) and Mali (Small) Jastrebac from the west.


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