What is a must-see in Sokobanja?

Home NatureWhat is a must-see in Sokobanja?

The tourist offer of Sokobanja is very rich and diverse, which causes the longer stays of tourists. It is simply never boring in Sokobanja! Whether you stay for 10, 15 or more days, each one will be filled with different sights and contents.


Those visiting for the first time, sometimes think that a couple of days will be enough to visit all the attractions of Sokobanja. Already after the first day of their stay, they realize that they will come back again.


Being in Sokobanja for only a few days means that you will have to make painful compromises and choose only some sites to visit. Although we know you will come back, we will make your choice easier. On this page, we have singled out several sites in Sokobanja that are simply a must-see in your tourist stay in Sokobanja, and which are not already shown in other sections of Nature and Cultural Heritage.

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