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You come old, you leave young!

Sokobanja is known for the healing properties of its thermo-mineral springs, the features of which can be compared to the waters of the famous Austrian Spa Bad Gastein and Pfeferske Spa in Switzerland. From ancient times, people in this area, both poor and rich, and rulers and the ruled, sought cures for their ailments and diseases by bathing in the miraculous waters of Sokobanja. Aside from healing, these springs strengthen the soul and body, rejuvenate, relax, and unwind, contributing to the preservation of vitality and good mood.


There are six thermo-mineral springs in Sokobanja, the waters of which help eliminate a large number of different health problems. There are two springs in the central spa bath “Amam”: ‘St. Archangel’, with a temperature of 43°C and ‘Transfiguration’, with a temperature between 43.8 and 53°C. Used for: degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis), extra-articular rheumatism (fibrositis, myositis), chronic inflammatory rheumatism and post-traumatic conditions and conditions after some injuries.


There is a natural inhaler bathroom next to the ‘Amam’ bath. Its vapours contain radon. It is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases: bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, respiratory failure and frequent respiratory infections and allergic symptoms.


There are two springs in the bath ‘Banjica’: ‘Banjica I’, with a temperature of 27.8°C, and ‘Banjica II’, with a temperature of 28.9°C.


Used for: neuralgia, radiculitis, neurosis, psychoneurosis and conditions after peripheral nerve injury.


The spring ‘Market’ is a weak earth-alkaline homeotherm with a small percentage of hydrogen sulfide at a temperature of 36-38°C.


The spring ‘Zdravljak’ is an earth-alkaline cold mineral spring with a temperature of 14.5°C.


There are five healing thermo-mineral springs in Josanica spa. The temperature of these springs is between 18 and 22°C: sulfur water, iron I and II, stomach and red water.


Used for: stomach disorders and duodenum (ulcer), colon and bile ailments, postoperative conditions with stomach disorders, duodenum, colon and bile ailments, chronic urinary tract infections, inflammation of the kidneys, kidney stones and sand, diabetes (glucose-related disease), skin breakdowns, eczema and chronic and inflammatory rheumatism.


The treatment in Josanica spa is supplemented with healing mud (peloid).

Recommended activities

Bathing and swimming

From swimming in the peaceful Bovan Lake through jumping off a cliff and splashing in fresh Moravica!

Sport fishing

True fishing enthusiasts can try it on Moravica. For fishing on Lake Bovan, it is enough just to throw.

Enjoying near the water

The sound of flowing water, the forest through which a light breeze passes and the smell of nature definitely have a calming and relaxing effect!