Ozren Mountain

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Mountain Ozren (1174m) is located in the south of the Sokobanja valley. It is a mountain that has the greatest forest area in Serbia, and is an abundant source of oxygen.


The great part of the mountain is under state protection. It has two parks of exceptional natural features, the second of which extends to mountain Devica (Virgin) – ‘Ozren’s meadows’ and the second one is ‘Lepterija Sokograd’. It thrives in a great number of picnic areas arranged for the all-day stay,  and these areas can be reached by the solid road. Mountain Ozren is locatad 5 km from the center of Sokobanja.


The oldest natural monument and the highest waterfall in Serbia, Ripaljka (40m) is on mountain Ozren. There is also the ‘Stone of Love’, the spring Sopur and picnic areas Kalinovica and Vlasina.



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