Health institutions

The hospital specialized in non specific lungs diseases “Sokobanja” disposes with 530 beds in 5 buildings: Old Institute “Sokograd”, New Institute and villas: “Bota”, “Little Bota” and “Dalmacija”. It is equipped with a modern computer technology for pulmonary and cardiac function analysis, automatic biochemical laboratory, x-ray cabinet, stationary block with departments for prevention, semi-intensive and intensive care and the block for general locomotor rehabilitation. In order to improve the general health condition, but also for relaxation and enjoyment, hospital’s guests can use different programs such as wellness, fitness, weight regulation program and the quit-smoking program. The hospital also disposes with the Turkish bath “Amam”, with the natural inhaler, and bathroom “Banjica”.

The hospital specialized in obstructive lung and eye diseases “Ozren” was built in 1939.  and is the oldest medical institution in Sokobanja. It consists of two objects: “Grudno”, at the altitude of 500 m, and “Ocno“, at the altitude of 650 m. The hospital is specialized  in the treatment of obstructive lung diseases, cardiovascular and ocular diseases. Around the hospital “Ocno” there is a specific air circulation, called “rose of the winds”. On this spot there is also a high concentration of negative ions, which have a beneficial effect to the body. It disposes with 280 beds.

Specialized hospital Banjica is located above the park “Banjica” and beach “Zupan”. It has a capacity of 270 beds and advanced medical services for diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and locomotor system diseases and minor diseases of the nervous system. Besides bathing in the thermal mineral water, it offers the services of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, inhalations and massage.

Josanica spa is located 16 km from the Sokobanja. Treatment in this spa is based on the use of healing water and mud (peloid). It has a pool with capacity of 15 persons, 5 baths with showers and a block for mud treatment with capacity of 12 beds.