Associations and organizations

Tourist Organization of Sokobanja

Tourist Organization of Sokobanja (TOSB), was established with the main goal of development and promotion of tourism and tourist product of Sokobanja and the development of culture and preservation of cultural properties in the municipality. The main objectives that Tourist Organization of Sokobanja is seeking to are increasing the tourist traffic, create conditions for further full integration of the tourism offer, providing conditions for a joint appearance at tourism fairs, improving promotional and informational activities, maintaining good relations with Tourist organization of Serbia, line ministry and other tourist organizations in the country and abroad, creating a climate of interest in order to connect the regionalization of tourist offer and create conditions for the further development of the domestic tourism with finding opportunities for significantly faster positioning of Sokobanja as a tourist destination in the international market.

TOSB is managing the following facilities: Tourist information center with internet cafe, Ethno corner “Grudonjske water mills”, summer stage “Vrelo”.

Contact phone: +381 18 833 988


Literary Club “Hawk feather”

Literary Club “Hawk feather” organizes numerous literary and poetic evenings, every year during the Cultural Summer. This association is active throughout the year, and out of season organizes literary evening at the Gallery-Legacy of Milun Mitrovic and Library “Stevan Sremac”. The Association is the organizer of two events: Literary contest “Morning avbove Ozren” and Poethic Marathon. It gathers large number of amateur writers and enthusiasts. It cooperates with similar associations in the country and abroad. Club members are holders of numerous and valuable awards for their literary works, especially those inspired by nature of Sokobanja. A great friend and collaborator of “Hawk feather” is the famous poet Dobrica Eric.

Contact phone: 064/47 31 812


Amateur “SB” Theatre

Amateur “SB” theater was founded in 2006. Specially adapted screenplay of the famous Serbian dramas such as: Ivkova slava, Love in the rural way, Madam Minister, Koštana, and many others, is preparing the founder of the institution Professor Mirjana Milenkovic. Members of the theater, such as students, professors, teachers, pupils and people of other professions, are the amateur actors but they are acting as real professionals. It doesn’t matter whether the entrance is free of charge or not, where “SB” theater performs there are never free seats, which proves the quality and dedication of its members. Contact phone: 064/218 62 10th



Ethnological workshop “Ethnos” Sokobanja was founded in 2002. The main objectives of the association are to keep the traditional and spiritual values of Sokobanja end its villages. Ethnological workshop keeps from oblivion things by which the Sokobanja is recognizable. Items for home use are made with traditional tools, using methods that have been long forgotten. The value of engagement of the workshop members and their work have been recognized by domestic and foreign donors, which helped opening of educational center, where residents and tourist will be able to master the skills of making traditional items.

Contact Phone: 063/78 94 858


Artist Association “Vrelo”

Artist Association “Vrelo” was founded on February 22nd, in 2009, and it brings together poets, writers, painters, musicians, singers, actors and other representatives of the fine arts. The Association had its first public appearance, in July 2009, in the atrium of the Local museum, during the “Cultural Summer”. This association organizes art exhibitions, literary readings, performances and other cultural events, thus enriche the cultural life and tourist offer of Sokobanja.


Hunting Association “Soko”

Hunting Association “Soko”, based in Soko Banja is managing the hunting ground “Moravica” with total area of 36.437 ha, of which hunting area covers 32.916 ha. The association has 191 active members.

Constantly grown kinds of game in the hunting ground “Moravica” are roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant and partridge. Hunting ground has the following hunting facilities: 4 stable hounting lodges, 10 waiting tree lodges, 50 feeding stations for deer, 90 for pheasants and partridges and 110 stations with salt. Professional service of the association has one manager – a qualified person and 2 gamekeepers, 14 volunteer gamekeepers.



Hunting Association “Soko”

18230 Sokobanja, Nemanjina street No 8,

phone: +381 18830226


Sport Fishermen Association “Moravica”

Sport Fishermen Association “Moravica” from Sokobanja belongs to the fishing area “Serbia-East”, under jurisdiction of Association “South Morava II” from Nis. SFA “Moravica” manages the fishing ground of the Bovan lake and the river Moravica, in the territory of Sokobanja. Sokobanja fishermens choose between river and lake fishing, which are equally attractive. In addition to a large number of species of white fish in the upper course of Moravica, anglers can try their luck at hunting the river trout. Bovan Lake is one of the richest Serbian lakes with species of white fish: catfish, perch, carp, grass carp, chub, tench and whitefish species: silver crucian (carp), bream, roach and beovica. Sport Fishermen Association “Moravica” is looking after the state of fish stocks in the river and lakes. For all information call the phone number:  +381 64 27 18 547 or send e-mail: .


Alpine club “Ostra Cuka”

Alpine club “Ostra Cuka” was founded in 2009 in Sokobanja and has over 50 active members. It is a member of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. It organizes numerous hiking actions in the territory of Sokobanja and cooperates with numerous hiking clubs from all over Serbia. Besides hiking and climbing actions it regularly organizes ecological actions too. It also marks the hiking trails and implements planning and nature conservation.

Contact phone 064/92 02 909


KUD Soko

Cultural and artistic society “Soko” preserves the tradition and folklore of Sokobanja area. It has about a hundred members and several folklore ensembles. KUD Soko is the holder of numerous national and international awards for Serbian folklore dances. They have performed in Ukraine, Greece, Turkey and other countries. KUD “Soko” organizes traditional folklore event “Folklore dances under the Ozren mountain” every year in August. For years performances by KUD Soko, are enriching the content of the Cultural Summer.

Contact phone: 065/868 81 81


KUD “Mladost” Čitluk

The association was founded in 2006, in the village of Citluk in Sokobanja, with the aim of fostering ethno tradition, customs, songs and dances from the Sokobanja area. KUD “Mladost” participates every year at folk festivals across the country. Also each year its members are performing during the  Cultural Summer.


KUD “Dusan Jovic” Resnik

Cultural-artistic society “Dusan Jovic” was founded on July 4th, in 1946, with headquarters in the village of Resnik. It bears the name of a young man who was 16 years old when he died in combat against the Germans, near Boljevac, in 1944. Today the society gathers about 70 members in three folklore sections: young pioneers, pioneers and youth. KUD “Dusan Jovic” organizes the Festival of the pioneer folklore every year in May and Folklore Festival in August.