Eco tourism

Municipality of Sokobanja from far back in the past takes appropriate actions and measures in order to preserve the ecological quality of the area, protect the natural beauty, healing properties and tourist attractions of the spa and its surroundings. As far back as 1895. the Society was established for the improvement and embellishment of Sokobanja, at the initiative of the Head of Serbian Orthodox Church Mr. Mihajlo, with the main objective to create the better environment for the spa visitors. The society has undertaken a number of activities such as arranging the parks and resorts, renovationTurkish bath , construction of pavilions and summer resorts etc.

In 1992. the declaration was adopted which proclaimed Sokobanja for the first ecological municipality in Serbia. Sokobanja with a healthy and protected environment, free of industrial pollutants, numerous natural and protected values with the tourist-recreational, health and educational function, has great potential for the development of ecological tourism. As for this kind of tourism, for many years Sokobanja is known as the perfect destination for excursions and study tours. Environmental education and active youth recreation in nature is the right way to raise their awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and its preservation for future generations.