Detalj iz parka na Banjici

Park Banjica

It is located in the center of town, on the banks of the river Moravica, about 500 m away from the marble promenade. Park is beautifully arranged, with numerous benches, decorated with flowers and greenery. Above the park there is Special hospital „Banjica“ and nearby, on the other side of the river, there are hotels “Sunce” and “Moravica”. In the park there is bath “Banjica” with thermo-mineral water, with highest temperature around 28°C, which is used in the treatment of various nervous diseases, and the restaurant “Čoka” on the bank of the river. Below the restaurant is a sandy beach “Zupan”, which is nicely decorated with shallow water suitable for children. Upstream the part of the beach is located in a gorge between two rocks, where the depth is about 4 m, which makes it is suitable for diving. Upstream of the beach “Zupan” there is a the beach called “narrow”, because in that part the river Moravica is narrowest in its course, but it is very attractive for swimmers. It is followed by the beaches “Sest kace”, “Tri kace” and “Gentleman”. The first two beaches are named after the appearance of the rocky river banks, since they have a form of series of barrels or tubs, due to the river erosion („Six barrels“ and „Three burrels“). And the beaches are suitable for diving and very visited during the summer season. If you cross the stone bridge in the park and go upstairs you will see a path on the right, which leads through attractive canyon of the river Moravica, and it takes you to the hill Popovica, picnic sight Lepterija and medieval fortress Sokograd.

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