Central marble promenade

In the past, the center was covered with macadam tiles, but it was paved with marble slabs in the 70s. Hundred years old trees adorn the marble promenade and create a pleasant shade in the summer months. There are mostly old platan and linden trees, which emite intoxicating scents in the time of flowering.

Central spa promenade extends over a length of 600 meters, from the hotel “Tourist” in the east to the Homeland museum in the west. From the fountain in the center, the promenade splits into two parts, so one part passes next to the church of the Holy Transfiguration and ends near the building of primary and secondary school, and the other part ends with the museum building. In the central part, the promenade has an extension in the form of shopping center where you can find boutiques, jewelers, restaurants, tourist agencies and other service facilities.


Across the Turkish bath there is a building called „Milosev konak“. Duke Milos Obrenovic built it for his administration, when he was staying in Sokobanja. Although „Milosev konak“ expanded over the time, it retained the original architectural features from 19th century. It contains a few coffee shops, the famous Irish Pub “Dublin”, discotheque “Stena”, boutiques and service facilities.

Next to the building of „Milosev konak“ there is a church of Holy Transfiguration, built in 1892. It was built by Italian masters, and the major donor was the serbian metropolitan Mr. Mihailo, who was born in Sokobanja. His bust is located in the churchyard.

At the western end of the promenade there is Homeland Museum, which is located in a building built in the 19th century, in the Moravian style. It has exhibits from the fields of archeology, ethnology and history. In front of the museum there is an amphitheater which is used during the summer for theatrical performances, literary evenings, concerts and other events.

Across the Museum there is an old building with Tourist Information Centre and internet cafe in one part and Gallery-Legacy of Milun Mitrovic in other part. The gallery was opened on 28th of June in 2001, at the initiative of academic painter Milun Mitrovic, born in Sokobanja, who donated about 150 pictures to his home town.

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