Hydrographic resources

Reka Moravica

Hydrographic resources

The River Moravica is 60,4 km long right tributary of the river Juzna Morava and emerges at the foothill of the mountain Devica. It occurs in the form of the spilled river flow, generated from a large number of underground springs, which are visible as small vortexes. The surrounding is arranged as a picnic sight. The river Moravica makes Bovan gorge, in the western part of the valley. The river is rich in brown trout and white fish: beovica, chub, carp.  Tributaries of the river Moravica are  clear mountain rivers and streams, which are habitats of the river crabs. On the banks of the river Moravica there are several arranged beaches, Zupan in the center and upstream: Tesnac, Sest kace, Tri kace, Gentleman and Lepterija. Moravica is also interesting for many healing springs that flow into it, or emerge in the depth along its river-bed.

Lake Bovan is about 10 km away from Sokobanja. There are several arranged beaches on both sides from Sokobanja and Aleksinac. The lake is about 8 km long and the maximum depth is about 50 m, near the dam. It is suitable for swimming, fishing, hiking and nautical sports, and at the beach, near the village Bovan, you can rent pedal boats for a great enjoyment on the water.

Lake Vrmdza is situated at the foothill of the mountain Rtanj, about 15 km away from Sokobanja, and 3 km from the village Vrmdza. It is a wonderful place for relaxation, fishing and picking wild berries and medical herbs. The village can be reached by asphalt road, and then you can get to the plateau, where the lake is located, by gravel road.

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