New Year’s Eve 2017

Hospitality and tourist workers, owners of private restaurants and Inns in Sokobanja these days are preparing the offer and program for the celebration of New Year’s Eve 2017. Prices are generally at the level of last year, and the offer is, as always rich and various, to suit every taste and payment options. Hotels announced their prices for New Year’s arrangements, so who wants to spend New Year’s Eve in the hotel „Moravica“, should set aside 5,000 RSD, in the Wellness Center „Soko terme“ 6,000 RSD, and in the „SH Banjica“ 4,000 RSD. Prices are similar in sokobanja’s restaurants and range from 3,500 to 6,000 RSD. In the restaurant „Splendid“ price is 5,000 RSD, in the restaurant „Sokače“ 3,400 RSD, in the restaurant „Bolji zivot“ 4200 RSD, in the restaurant „Zupan“ 1,000 RSD at „Chicago“ 4,500 RSD and in the restaurant „Palma“ 6,000 RSD. As for the cafe’s, New Year’s Eve is organized in Irish Pub, at a price of 2,300 RSD, and the cafe-pizzeria „Amam“, at a price of 1,000 dinars, while other bars do not have an organized celebration, but will work during the New Year’s Eve and the entrance will be free of charge.

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