Art football for Sokobanja

Come to the unique sport event!

Serbian national artistic football team will play an exhibition match with local football club „Ozren“ from Sokobanja, on Thursday 21st of July, on the school football field. The match starts at 19:00 pm. Welcome are all people, who instead of buying a ticket send SMS message to the number 1150 (for all networks) to help build a new children’s hemato-oncology department in Clinical center in Niš.

After the game, members of the artistic representation including Andrija Kuzmanovic – actor, Branislav Bane Lalic – musician, composer and frontman of band MVP, Niša Saveljić – football player, Vladimir Aleksic, actor and other celebrities, will invite people to 1. „Green Heart Fest“ which starts the following day in Sokobanja, socialize and take pictures with their fans.

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